Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Movie Review: Little Birds (2011)

Little Birds movie poster
Little Birds (2011) - Written and Directed by Elgin James; Starring Juno Temple, Kay Panabaker, Kate Bosworth, Leslie Mann.

By Kenny Howell

The excellent Juno Temple and a few big stars in Kate Bosworth and Leslie Mann can't elevate this little indie movie above somewhat forgettable territory.

Temple (Killer Joe) plays Lily, who along with her hesitant friend Alison, leave their home in the Salton Sea to meet up with some boys in Los Angeles. Lily likes one of them, and the boys end up getting them into more trouble than they bargained for.

This is kind of one of those indies that you have probably seen 100 times. You know things aren't going to turn out well. Nothing really strikes you as anything special, but James does do a good job of capturing the skeezy life of these idolized boys who are pieces of crap. Temple showed here in one of her earlier films, that even when the material is not the best, she is still immensely watchable.

Rating: **

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