Saturday, May 4, 2013

Now on Netflix Instant: Kumare (2012)

Kumare (2012) - Directed by Vikram Gandhi

By Kenny Howell

Good documentaries not only ask questions, they bring up plenty of more questions to keep the movie going after it's finished.

The new movie Kumare, from director and subject Vikram Gandhi, tackles spirituality and the world around it.

Gandhi, a man from Indian descent, had become troubled by the popularity of the guru explosion in the United States. So, he decides to become a fake guru named Kumare to see if he can attract a following. He does, but he learns that he can connect with people better as his fake guru than he ever had in his real life. But he must reveal his true identity at some point, and he is not sure how his people will react.

The first feeling you get from this movie is that he is going to expose these morons for believing in these silly gurus. That's the easy way to respond to this. And there is a little bit of that. But then you start hearing about these people's stories and backgrounds. Many have had horrible lives and are just looking for help. They find it in Kumare, and they start working through their problems with his help.

So Kumare's message becomes that the true guru is within one's self. Spirituality is something that is personal, but people need a vessel to work through that. For these people, it was Kumare.

What is fake? What is real? What is needed? What is sought after? What is spirituality? That's just some of the questions that Kumare delves into, and leaves you talking about after the movie is over.

Rating: ***1/2

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