Monday, April 8, 2013

Movie Review: Les Bonnes Femmes (1960)

Les Bonnes Femmes (1960) - Written and Directed by Claude Chabrol; Starring Bernadette Lafont, Clotilde Joano, Stephane Audran, Lucille Saint-Simon.

By Kenny Howell

One of the masters of French cinema, Claude Chabrol, wrote and directed the story about a couple of Parisian women trying to find romance.

Ginette, Rita, Jacqueline and Jane are all in different situations, some with men, some without, but they are looking to find the right situation on their night out. What they find instead is a bunch of men using them. The film is populated with sleazeballs, and they treat the women as you'd expect, but the women still try to find the idealistic love with them.

Chabrol doesn't have an optimistic outlook for these women, and it turns tragic as the movie progresses. This isn't one of Chabrol most remembered works, but it is definitely worth checking out even if you are not a completist.

Rating: ***

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