Sunday, April 14, 2013

Now on Amazon Prime: The Concert (2010)

The Concert (2010) - Directed by Radu Mihaileanu; Written by Mihaileanu, Alain-Michel Blanc; Starring Aleksey Guskov, Dmitry Nazarov and Melanie Laurent.

By Kenny Howell

The Bolshoi has been invited to the Chatelet Theatre in Paris, and a former conductor sees it as his chance to get redemption.

The problem is he is now the cleaning person for the Bolshoi. He was publicly shamed and fired years ago for hiring Jewish musicians. It cost those musicians their lives, and he wants to honor their sacrifice.

So, he hatches a plan to hide the invite from the real Bolshoi, who he thinks is crap, and gets his old orchestra back together for the show. He thinks it will be bring prominence back to Russia, and the current Bolshoi would be an embarrassment. There is also a French violinist he has a connection to that he wants to be the soloist for the Tchaikovsky piece he will be conducting.

The movie is extremely formulaic, and has a feel of one of the movies where the old band is getting back together to do one last gig. But it is light-hearted and fun and the music is obviously beautiful. As is Melanie Laurent (Enemy), who needs to be in every movie now.

The Concert is now streaming on Amazon Prime.

Rating: ***

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