Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Criterion on Hulu: La Strada (1954)

La Strada movie poster
La Strada (1954) – Directed by Federico Fellini; Written by Ennio Flaiano, Brunello Rondi, Tulio Pinelli and Federico Fellini; Cinematography by Ortello Martelli; Starring Giuletta Masina, Anthony Quinn, Richard Basehart and Aldo Silvani.

By Kenny Howell

This is probably my second favorite Fellini film (after Nights of Cabiria).

It is the story of a strong man, played by Anthony Quinn who buys a slightly less than an intelligent girl to be his assistant on his traveling road show. What’s his show? He wraps a chain around his chest and breaks it with his muscles. Very exciting, I know.

Quinn is horrifying as the strong man who physically and psychologically tortures the poor woman played by Fellini regular Giuletta Masina. She is not smart enough to understand the gravity of the situation, and can't process that what is being done to her is wrong. As you would imagine, it is tragic, and Masina is once again wonderful as the tortured woman.

La Strada is now on Hulu as a part of the Criterion Collection. 

Rating: ****

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