Friday, March 22, 2013

Movie Review: Project X (2012)

Project X movie poster
Project X (2012) - Directed by Nima Nourizadeh; Written by Matt Drake and Michael Bacall. Starring Thomas Mann, Oliver Cooper, Jonathan Daniel Brown, Kirby Bliss.

By Kenny Howell

Did you see Superbad and wish, "man, I wish instead of being funny, this wasn't funny at all."

Or, "could this look more like a beer commercial or music video?"

And "instead of good story about friendship, getting confidence, and overcoming your fear of women, the message should be being popular is the most important, even if it means ruining the rest of your lives."

Luckily, they made the movie Project X.

It is about three losers who want to throw a birthday party. The main one just totally wants to be popular, so he can get girls. But get this, he has a best friend who happens to be really hot. But they're just friends and always will be, right?

The one in charge of throwing the party is the "funny" one. Take Jonah Hill or Seth Rogen, take all the funny out of them, ramp up the obnoxious factor, and you got this guy.

The third one is overweight.

Oh, also there is a guy taping the whole thing, because found footage is the only way a person can shoot a movie anymore.

They throw the craziest party in the history of the world. The thing gets so incredibly out of hand that it spills into the neighborhood around them, parts of houses are set on fire, and things are just out of control. Total anarchy breaks out and for a split second I didn't hate this movie. But then reality set back in. The cops, who came by earlier and everyone was really quiet, so they left, come back well after a guy with a flamethrower is trying to get his ecstasy gnome back (it's not as interesting as it sounds).

I guess this would be spoiler alert territory from here on out, but there is no reason you should watch this, so keep going.

The police disperse the party, and the kids are legends, but also get charged with several counts. The one who threw the party gets off on all counts, the birthday boy gets charged with a few things, but manages to get by pretty well. The fat one gets off cause they think he mentally handicapped and can't stand trial, which is as ridiculous as the rest of the movie. The birthday boy gets in trouble with his dad, because his BMW ends up in the bottom of their pool, but he has to hand it to him, it was a pretty impressive party (high five son). Then of course he gets the hot girl that was hot and blonde all along.

So the moral is parties are awesome, do whatever you want all the time no matter what the consequences to your future or the people around you, and you will always get away with everything. The more you know.

Rating: 1/2 a star

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