Friday, February 15, 2013

Movie Review: Chronicle (2012)

Chronicle Movie Poster
Chronicle (2012) - Directed by Josh Trank; Written by Max Landis; Starring Dane DeHaan, Alex Russell and Michael B. Jordan.

By Kenny Howell

Can we just stop with the found footage concept? Until you find an interesting way to incorporate it into the story, there is no reason to do it. The Blair Witch Project did it really well, but that was a gimmick movie. Pretty cool gimmick, but that's what it was. Why limit yourself as a filmmaker when it doesn't add anything to the movie itself.

Chronicle takes the concept and does nothing with it. It is a movie about a group of teenagers who go into a sort of mine where some weird crystals are, and it gives them super powers that slowly build over the movie. But everything we see is taped by someone. The only reason it is taped is because one of the characters likes to tape things...just cause. That's not really a reason to base that type of filmmaking, but that is the way it is filmed. It leads to very awkward sequences where they have to find a way to get the camera there to pick up the action so we don't miss anything.

What does work for Chronicle is it is pretty clever at times as far as the super powers aspect goes. However, they drag it out so we get an extended sequence of the three guys throwing football in the clouds. It seemed like it had time to fill, so they could show off what these guys could do. It ends up being a mistake in two ways because it is slightly boring and doesn't move the story forward, but also it shows the relatively low budget with mediocre special effects.

Rating: **

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