Sunday, December 16, 2012

Movie Review: Like Crazy (2011)

Like Crazy movie posterLike Crazy (2011) - Directed by Drake Doremus. Written by Doremus and Ben York Jones. Starring Anton Yelchin, Felicity Jones and Jennifer Lawrence.

Like Crazy doesn't break any new ground in the romantic drama genre, but it is done so well that it makes for quite an enjoyable experience.

Jacob is an aspiring furniture maker, and Anna is a Brit studying in the United States. They instantly fall in love, but some student Visa issues sends her back home. The rest of the movie is the two trying to get their timing right and get back together where they belong.

The real draw is the two leads, the late Anton Yelchin (Star Trek Into Darkness) and Felicity Jones (True Story). Their chemistry is key, as every time they overcome a hurdle to get closer together, the scenes are so beautiful, you can't help but want them to be with each other. Jones is tragic and adorable, and we should be seeing a lot more of her in the future. Yelchin seems to be growing out of his awkward adolescent phase, and really is becoming a good young actor.

Director Drake Doremus (Equals) doesn't stage too much, as he just lets the two leads bring the seemingly genuine love to the screen through little actions, like little chats in the bed, playfully wrestling with each other. It makes it seem more real, and lets Jones and Yelchin how good they are. However, the brilliant Jennifer Lawrence (House at the End of the Street) is under utilized as a girlfriend of Jacob's while Anna is away.

Rating: ***

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