Saturday, August 27, 2016

Comic Book Review: Batgirl #2 (DC)

Batgirl #2 - Written by Hope Larson; Art by Rafael Albuquerque; Colors by Dave McCaig; Published by DC Comics

By Kenny Howell

Batgirl moves onto Singapore in another fun issue of her rebirthed series.

After her encounter with the Fruit Bat in the first issue, Babs travels to Singapore to figure out more about the mysterious fighter dressed as a school girl she fought in the first issue. She is also trying to figure out her traveling companion Kai, who she might be falling for.

Barbara goes looking for fights at a MMA gym, but they tell her they are no longer accepting girls. Ticked at the sexism, she finds a trainer that says she can get her some fights. However, this trainer might be key to the mystery she is trying to solve.

Once again, Writer Hope Larson has brought a delightful Barbara to the pages, cute, funny and an excellent action hero. That is punctuated by the art of Rafael Alburquerque, and especially the colors of Dave McCaig, which you can tell by that lively cover above. Every page pops, and really is a feast for the eyes.

Comic Book Review: Black Hammer #2

Black Hammer #2 - Written by Jeff Lemire; Art by Dean Ormston; Published by Dark Horse Comics.

By Kenny Howell

A golden age superhero team continues to come to grips with their banishment into a farming community in another great issue of Black Hammer.

Gail is the focus of the second issue, the 55-year-old woman stuck in a 9-year-olds body who probably has it worst of all. She has to pretend to be an actual kid, which includes going to school. She doesn't do so well there, mouthing off to the teachers and smoking in the bathroom, and she probably has the biggest chance to blow their cover.

But she has to continue to go to school because the team, which are living out on an old farm, has to keep their secret identity in check until they figure out their next step. They are stuck in this community, unable to walk outside city limits, and they don't know why. Are they being held there by some other group, is it an alternate universe. So should they accept their fate and settle into their new lives, or continue to figure out a way to get out?

Comic Book Review: Kill or Be Killed #1

Kill or Be Killed #1 - Written by Ed Brubaker; Art by Sean Phillips, Elizabeth Breitweiser; Published by Image Comics.

By Kenny Howell

Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips follow up to The Fade Out moves into a different era and into the supernatural in Kill or Be Killed.

Dylan is a depressed young man because things just aren't going his way on all fronts, and the world is kind of crap. The first few pages are a treatise by Dylan on just what is wrong with society, and how everything is falling apart. When he overhears his roommate, one which he has an on again off again relationship with, mostly behind her boyfriend's back, say she feels sorry for him, he decides that's enough.

He heads up to the roof of his building and takes a dive, but a bunch of strategically placed stuff like clotheslines do enough to break his fall and save his life.

However, when he gets back to his room, he gets a visitor. And it's not his roommate ready for another romp behind her boyfriend's back. It's something that is going to change his life forever.

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Friday, August 26, 2016

Movie Review: Equals (2016)

Equals (2016) - Directed by Drake Doremus; Written by Doremus and Nathan Parker; Starring Kristen Stewart, Nicholas Hoult, Guy Pearce, Jackie Weaver, Bel Powley.

By Kenny Howell

Two people in an emotionless future break their spell and fall in love in this sci-fi drama from Drake Doremus (Like Crazy).

Nicholas Hoult (Mad Max: Fury Road) plays Silas, a man living in sterile future where people get up, go to work, come home, go to sleep and start all over, all without showing any emotion throughout the day. Those pesky feelings have been eradicated, except for a few who "suffer" from a disease called S.O.S. (clever), which basically means the gene that controls feelings is awakened. It shuns them from the rest of society who see feelings as a disease. They are eventually given a "painless death" if they can't recover.

One day, one of the people who has S.O.S. takes their life by leaping off the top of the building where Silas works. He notices that one of his co-workers Nia, played by Kristen Stewart (Clouds of Sils Maria), is visibly upset by this, though she tries to hold it in so as not to alert the others.

Comic Book Review: Detective Comics #939

Detective Comics #939 - Written by James Tynion IV; Art by Eddy Barrows, Eber Ferreira; Published by DC Comics.

By Kenny Howell

The best DC franchise going right now continues its strong run with a stellar issue in #939.

Detective Comics #939 delves into the history of the Waynes and Kanes to give more context to what is taking place right now, that being Jacob Kane's military attack on Batman and his crew, which include Kane's daughter Kate, otherwise known as Batwoman.

We start with flashback scenes that show a distraught Bruce Wayne and Jacob Kane at Martha and Thomas Wayne's funeral. Kate comforts Bruce, and Jacob grieves for his sister Martha.

From there, the men took different paths. Bruce took that oath to fight crime for the rest of his life as Batman, and Kane chose to go to the military and works his way through the ranks to supreme power.

Movie Review: Weiner (2016)

Weiner (2016) - Directed by Josh Kriegman, Elyse Steinberg

By Kenny Howell

It's hard to know which angle to approach Weiner, because it brings up so many issues.

But I guess that is what good documentaries do.

Weiner is one of those of documentary on accident cases where the filmmakers were following the subject for one reason, but a bigger, more important reason emerges.

They were making a documentary on former Congressman and New York City Mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner. As many know, he rose to power in Congress because of his willingness to fight for what was right, and was a rising star in the Democratic party.

Unfortunately, he couldn't handle all the new attention from women. Despite being happily married to Hillary Clinton adviser Huma Abedin, he would seek out relationships online with female supporters. As far as we know, he never met with any of them, just would exchange pictures and sexts.